Carbon Clever

We live in a world where online shopping has become the norm rather than the exception. There isn’t much that we cannot purchase in the expansive worlds on our devices, and consequently many more packages and delivery companies are handling the demand. There are huge advantages to having your delivery brought to your office or home and in some respects this might save individuals making a trip by themselves to buy or pick up an item.

However, we cannot fail to be aware of the environmental risks that we face and therefore we -at traizr- are keenly sustainability aware. First and foremost, our internal and parcel tracking system can reduce carbon emissions in the ways outlined below. And secondly, we as a company want to play a positive role by collaborating with sustainable projects. 

How traizr internal mail and parcel tracking system can help reduce carbon emissions

    1. Delivery efficiency. With the traizr app deliveries are tracked in real time. Therefore, parcels do not go missing and this prevents the need for unnecessary multiple trips, saving fuel and reducing emissions.
    2. Paper and packaging reduction. Deliveries are tracked electronically, which means printed labels and tracking forms are obsolete. Also, the signing process is done electronically within the app further reducing the need for delivery slips.
    3. Within large organisations, such as for example university campuses, traizr can help promote the use of environmentally friendly delivery methods on-site. Bike couriers or electric vehicles can benefit from the app’s real-time tracking, optimising their delivery routes.

Carbon Clever Company– How traizr offsets carbon created by delivery miles

As an innovative and out-of-the-box thinking company, we set ourselves the 2023 objective to not only make a positive impact within offices and residential buildings with our inbound parcel and mail tracking solution.

These are the times to take any impact on the environment extremely seriously and we are excited that by running a company we have autonomy over our actions. For this reason, we decided to take action and offset the carbon created by the delivery miles.

In January we started purchasing trees and supporting really worthwhile reforestation causes all over the planet. So far, the trees are located in Madagascar, Spain and Nepal and we will make sure we expand on this project as the year goes on.

Please click here to find out more about the slowly expanding traizr forest, and if you would like to find out more about transforming your reception desk or mailroom, please don’t hesitate to contact us here for a 14-day free trial.