Office and University mailrooms are overflowing with parcels and deliveries at work.

Some companies are so overwhelmed by employee deliveries, they have now banned personal packages in the workplace. Some even charge staff for the privilege of accepting a parcel at the reception desk.

This is likely to only lead to employees taking time off to wait for deliveries, being preoccupied if their delivery has arrived safely at their home or being disgruntled that their employer can’t ‘bend a little’ in order to help them out. Let’s face it, your boss might try and get as many hours out of you as possible, surely they can allow you to take deliveries at work. Giving workers the extra freedom of shopping online is a small price to pay for employee satisfaction.

With the increase of parcel deliveries up by 20% year on year and on average 30-40% of all parcels received at business premises being obvious personal packages (source: The Guardian), it is time to take control of your mailroom.

traizr will ensure that not only will your packages arrive safely to the intended recipient, you will be able to process them at the reception or mailroom desk with ease.

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