For accountancy firms, maintaining security and confidentiality is crucial.
One way to improve both security and efficiency is to implement traizr. This is because traizr simplifies the reception desk, automates internal mail routing, and tracks packages from receipt to final delivery.

Traizr generates a unique QR code for each package, which can be scanned for secure, contactless collection and delivery. Additionally, traizr provides a reliable audit trail, enabling firms to track packages at any stage of the process, improving accountability and reducing errors.

Traizr is fully GDPR compliant, ensuring that personal data is handled and stored securely.
The system uses SSL encryption and secure servers to protect sensitive information, giving accountancy firms peace of mind that they are operating within the bounds of data protection regulations.

Overall, implementing traizr as an internal parcel and mail tracking system can have significant benefits for accountancy firms. From improving security and efficiency to ensuring compliance with GDPR regulations, traizr provides a reliable and effective solution for handling internal mail and packages.