Internal Mail Tracking

DID YOU KNOW . . . When you get an item of mail, a parcel or a registered letter delivered to you at your place of business or university, the item is only insured to the first point of contact in the building. The proof of delivery signatory will be the final point to which the item is insured.

If this proof of delivery is your business or university mailroom or reception, will you be able to trace your item to see where it goes from there?

This is where traizr Internal Mail Tracking can help. traizr picks up where the courier finishes. traizr can be used to trace the mail item through the building, safely to the final recipient.

With a simple 3-step process, traizr keeps track of your mail.

  1. Scan mail items in
    Signing an item in is as simple as taking a photo of the label and using the built-in OCR feature to find the recipient. Now you can also use the native label barcode to track the item around your building.
  2. Notify the intended recipient
    traizr will inform the recipient that they have a parcel waiting for collection in reception or out for internal delivery (both configurable options). The recipient will receive a secure QR code either via email or the notification app. They will need to show this for secure collection of the parcel.
  3. Scan out for delivery/collection
    Items can be scanned out of the system by simply scanning the QR code on the recipient’s email (directly from their phone screen). Alternatively, you could scan the QR or Barcode of the parcel being collected, this will bring up the recipient information on the mailroom application. You can choose to get the recipient to sign for the item or you can even take a photo of where you left the parcel as proof of delivery. traizr Internal Mail Tracking also audits when and how mail left your postroom.

If you would like a free 7-day trial of traizr, please contact us and we will arrange it.