Four crucial reasons why there is a growing need for internal mail tracking

In the past, businesses didn’t need to deploy many resources for internal mail tracking and parcel management. Deliveries were limited to a few flat letters and even fewer parcels. In the last few years, this has changed dramatically leaving many educational establishments and businesses drowning in incoming mail and personal parcels. Why? A massive increase […]

Why we use QR codes instead of bar codes in our Parcel Tracking Software

qr codes

Although the humble QR code is used in some parcel tracking software and is similar to a barcode, it is really a fairly simple example of an ‘Information Matrix’. The BIG difference between the two is that whilst a barcode holds information in the horizontal direction, a QR can hold info vertically as well. QR […]

Does your business allow deliveries at work?

Office and University mailrooms are overflowing with parcels and deliveries at work. Some companies are so overwhelmed by employee deliveries, they have now banned personal packages in the workplace. Some even charge staff for the privilege of accepting a parcel at the reception desk. This is likely to only lead to employees taking time off […]

22 New Post Rooms and counting . . .

New Post Rooms

We are very pleased to have rolled out another 22 instances of traizr to separate university postrooms over 3 University campuses. Working closely with the client, we have made a few custom changes in order to perfectly fit with their workflow. So far in the past 2 weeks alone, the client has safely delivered over […]

Proof of Delivery – Internal Mail Tracking

Internal Mail Tracking

DID YOU KNOW . . . When you get an item of mail, a parcel or a registered letter delivered to you at your place of business or university, the item is only insured to the first point of contact in the building. The proof of delivery signatory will be the final point to which […]