Traizr in 6 Languages

We have been working hard over the summer to give you the option of running traizr Enterprise version in seven different languages.

We see the importance of ease of use for our products and are constantly looking for ways to improve the user experience and usability of traizr.

Our translations have been done by hand, by native speakers as we thought this a much better and more accurate option than machine translation.

The languages we chose to translate to first were French, Italian, German, Dutch, Spanish and Chinese (and of course English). The operational language can be switched in the admin console and will automatically switch all connected mailroom devices and the admin system itself.

We are now working on the option to individually switch the recipient mobile applications to any of the installed languages on a per device basis. This will mean that your recipients can receive notifications via the app and email in their chosen language.

If you would like a free 7 day trial of traizr Enterprise, please contact us and we will arrange it.