qr codes

Although the humble QR code is used in some parcel tracking software and is similar to a barcode, it is really a fairly simple example of an ‘Information Matrix’. The BIG difference between the two is that whilst a barcode holds information in the horizontal direction, a QR can hold info vertically as well.

QR codes are often referred to as 2D as they can carry info both vertically and horizontally. The great part about this is that they can hold more info in a smaller area.

Our parcel tracking software relies heavily on being able to securely add information to the QR code in order to enable secure collection of your parcel.

Main advantages of QR codes.

  • A QR can carry 100 times more info than a conventional barcode. So a standard bar code will need 10 times more space to be able to carry as much info as a QR code.
  • A QR code can be read from any direction and at 360 deg’s.
  • QR codes have a 7-30% error margin which allows them to still be read if slightly dirty or damaged

Lets face it, QR codes also look better than standard barcodes.

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