Parcel Tracking

Since the pandemic people have returned to the office environment, but many have done so with a definite determination to work differently. More than ever, it is important to take care of available resources and upgrade systems to make the best use of the latest technology.

Your mailroom, reception, front of house and other places which are a hive of activity can benefit from traizr internal mail and parcel tracking. Simplify your reception desks, wherever they are and make sure that with the GDPR compliant traizr app, all packages find their way securely to the recipient. This will increase efficiency as well as enable to keep secure track of all activity in the mailroom, as all transactions are logged.

Working smart can mean the automation of processes that can be securely managed using this application. This will save time and will enable you to have a smooth running and very organised front desk, reception, or office.

Get in touch and see how traizr can revolutionise your workflow.