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In the past, businesses didn’t need to deploy many resources for internal mail tracking and parcel management. Deliveries were limited to a few flat letters and even fewer parcels.

In the last few years, this has changed dramatically leaving many educational establishments and businesses drowning in incoming mail and personal parcels.

  1. A massive increase in the online ordering and e-commerce arena means that it is now so much easier to order online. In many cases, with free returns, it is a ‘no-brainer’ to order what you need, check it out and if not what you wanted, return it.
  2. A massive decrease in the bricks and mortar shops on the high street is pushing people online that would not necessarily have bought online previously.
  3. Accessibility to devices . . . everyone has the ability to buy what they want, pay for it and track it to their door right from their smartphone.
  4. Online payments are now more trusted and more widely used and companies like amazon now offer free shipping and same day delivery.

Here’s the problem:

With the growth in this market, where do all these packages end up? Mostly at your office, school or university. None of us want packages left on the doorstep, so we route them to where we will be at the time of delivery.

Most packages are only insured to the first point of contact with a recipient. This means that if a receptionist takes control of the package, the insurance is over. If it is stolen from that point on, it will not be the responsibility of the courier or the vendor.

What can you do?

Fortunately, there is an answer to these new challenges using technology. Although some businesses, schools and universities may hesitate, the growing liabilities associated with allowing the receipt of personal mail and parcels will force the need to move to a more effective solution.

Internal mail tracking and delivery software can help you to manage the growth of deliveries in your company or university. With a simple application, you can scan in, notify the recipient and mark for delivery or collection.

Software to manage your deliveries once they hit your building will also give you the ability to show an audit trail of where the parcel went, who scanned it in and signed for it and who took the final delivery.

We developed traizr to ensure that it can handle the volume of mail you receive quickly and efficiently, but it can also take care of delivery, security and audit needs of your business.